Welcoming a New Year…2010

Can you believe it? Another year has gone and a new one is just hours away!

Everyone assesses their lives during this time: remembering those who have left us, cherishing those who are still with us, celebrating successes and learning from failures. Each new year provides us with the opportunity to wipe the slate clean and start fresh!

For lots of people, 2009 will be a year that they’re glad to see go! But everyone has those years that aren’t so grand. The essential thing to remember is to learn from what’s happened and then move forward with optimism. Even the saddest, harshest times can bring gratitude and appreciation.

One thing I have noticed as I’ve gotten older is how quickly time seems to go. Now, I know that an hour is still the same length of time as it was when I was 10, but it just seems to go faster. When I was a kid and heard, “It will be an hour…”, I was devastated. Now, I’m relieved that it’s only that long. “An hour? Great! I can read or catch up on my email, or just r-e-l-a-x…” What a difference puberity makes!

2010 brings the start of my doctorate. I’ve spent a good deal of time determining if I really wanted this piece of parchment, and I’ve finally decided that I do. I have every type of degree there is: Associate, Bachelor’s, *two* Master’s…I would like a complete set, thank you! What can I say? Some people collect stamps.

One thing I am grateful for as 2009 comes to a close is my education. I recognize that when I was born, a degree for a woman was not as appreciated as it should have been. I also recognize that there are still countries where women are not deemed worthy of an education.

So, I look to the future with hope as the new year rounds the corner! I hope this year brings all of you good health and happiness!

Happy New Year!

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One comment on “Welcoming a New Year…2010
  1. Char says:


    When am I going to see your face again?

    Good Luck in forging another degree!
    What is the field for this one?

    Love HU,

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